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Fuck...why do i do these things!

*sighs loudly and tries not to wake Snut up (Bastard took the bed rar shall get revenge later)*

Well...Still in Cambridge. Bum. Stupid Neko. Father phoned to tell me that Grandparents stayed up 'till one in the morning waiting for me. Fuck. I would have phoned them if I had any bloody change. I sent them e-mail as well but I'm not sure if they check it often enough. Buummmeeeewwww *flails*

Damn, seem to have woken Snut up. *snuffles bed-warm Snut*

Anyway, besides still being here and ticking off my parents mightly I seem to have stress aches again. Sharp, tight balls of stress in my ribs and stomach that make me feel hungry.

mew. Sad neko. mew.

I wonder why I let them affect me like this. I said sorry and things and shouldn't be too bothered...but I am. Damn my strange guilt complex.

*sighs again and staples hand to fore'ead*
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