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Fuck...why do i do these things!

*sighs loudly and tries not to wake Snut up (Bastard took the bed rar shall get revenge later)*

Well...Still in Cambridge. Bum. Stupid Neko. Father phoned to tell me that Grandparents stayed up 'till one in the morning waiting for me. Fuck. I would have phoned them if I had any bloody change. I sent them e-mail as well but I'm not sure if they check it often enough. Buummmeeeewwww *flails*

Damn, seem to have woken Snut up. *snuffles bed-warm Snut*

Anyway, besides still being here and ticking off my parents mightly I seem to have stress aches again. Sharp, tight balls of stress in my ribs and stomach that make me feel hungry.

mew. Sad neko. mew.

I wonder why I let them affect me like this. I said sorry and things and shouldn't be too bothered...but I am. Damn my strange guilt complex.

*sighs again and staples hand to fore'ead*
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Put post in wrong place.

Soz. *tries to correct this*


May 25 2003, 14:29:41 UTC 13 years ago

you are the ugliest fucking bitch I've ver seen
My, that's pleasant.

Good thing I don't care what some pathetic loser who doesn't even leave its name thinks about me.

Also, learn how to type properly.
Oooh, the anonymous insulter returns! My, what have we done to deserve the pleasure of your company today? Nice to see you've been applying yourself well since I last saw you, I only count one spelling mistake this time. Keep it up at this rate and we might even manage to get an intelligent conversation out of you. Sometime around 2005.